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Gulshan Homz

From our foundation stems the four grand pillars of Gulshan Homz - Length, Breadth, Height and Passion. With these uncompromisable elements along with the vision of our Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Gulshan Nagpal, Gulshan Homz set out to create a fresh skyline of Delhi NCR.


Our undying mission is to excel through Quality, Product Innovation, Technology and Up-gradation. And our eternal creed is our commitment to customers and their continual satisfaction.


To be the leader in its product line and provide unparalleled real estate services to the community.

Core Values:

  • Striving for excellence in our work, and adhering faithfully to the highest ethical and technical standards of our profession and business.
  • Giving top priority to customer satisfaction through relentless efforts to provide better services.
  • Meeting delivery timelines would be our way of valuing the customers.
  • Fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.
  • Providing good and safe working environment to all employees.
  • Providing the equal opportunity of employment and best use of human talent.
  • Encouraging the involvement of employees in the planning and direction of their work and appreciating their work and success.

Gulshan Ikebana